Study examines impact of affordable housing paired with health care services
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Health in Housing: Exploring the Intersection
Between Housing and Health Care


A study released today shows that affordable housing paired with health care services significantly increases access to primary care and reduces emergency department visits while lowering Medicaid costs, according to research from Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) and Enterprise Community Partners Inc.  

Health in Housing: Exploring the Intersection between Housing and Health Care analyzed Medicaid claims data from January 2011 to June 2015 for more than 1,600 residents in 145 affordable housing properties in Portland. The study found that after moving into affordable housing, Medicaid costs were $48 lower per resident per month, for an annualized reduction of $936,000 for the study group.

The Enterprise/CORE study is one of the most comprehensive looks at how health care and affordable housing intersect. This report is one of the first studies examining health care in affordable housing using multiple populations: families with children, individuals living in supportive housing, and older adults and residents with disabilities. 

The Health in Housing report found:

  • Total Medicaid expenditures declined by 12 percent, with the greatest savings among seniors and people with disabilities at 16 percent
  • Outpatient primary care use increased 20 percent while emergency department use fell by 18 percent
  • Residents reported improved access to health services and quality of care, with about 40 percent saying it was better after move-in
  • Housing with integrated health services was a key driver of health care outcomes, suggesting that increasing these services may result in even greater cost savings

Learn more by downloading the report and reading the news release.

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